About Me

Be Fearless

As my bio says, the outdoors, good food and friends are the top three ingredients that make me feel most alive and happy. In my professional life, I worked in customer-facing environments, mostly in the travel industry. Back in 2014, I realised that although I was happy in my personal life, I wasn’t in my professional one. I didn’t feel challenged or energised¬†anymore and something had to change.

I made the decision to return to college part-time to study for an HNC in Computer and Systems Development with Game and Mobile App Development. I graduated with full Distinction in 2016. During my time at college, I had secured an E-Commerce Management role with a local ToyMaster. After graduating, I secured an Online Marketing Executive role with an established and well-known men’s shirt brand.

Life sometimes has other plans and in January of 2017, I was made redundant. The job market has yet to turn up a viable option for me. I simply found a customer facing job to bring the money in to pay the bills and feed my family which consists of Bobby my partner, Dexter my dog and best friend in the World and Loki the sometimes mildly annoying cat.

I am never one to be defeated easily. During the heatwave we have been enjoying lately, I was sat outside under the parasol. I had taken my laptop outside and brought with me a very cold and refreshing Cider. I found myself looking through some job boards and nothing set my soul on fire.

I closed the job boards, lay back in my chair, took a good gulp of cider and just allowed myself to be in the moment. Dexter who is half collie, half lab is always very aware of my feelings. He came over, rested his head on my lap and looked up at me with his big brown eyes. I could only stare back at him, petting him on the head. It was at this moment I realised that I shouldn’t settle for something to just pay bills. I should be fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

I thought back to my time at college and as the E-Commerce Manager for my local ToyMaster. Web Development and E-Commerce are areas I truly love in my professional life. I’ve always been interested in Front-End Web Development but never invested the time it would take to train in this area. Until now!

This blog is my personal sanctuary. You will find content and posts on my outdoor travels along with some of my other interests such as gaming. I launched Orange Bison back in 2016 as a blog that reviews indie games only. After two years it is still running and going from strength to strength. Join me on my journey as I learn Front-End Web Development from scratch.

My best!

Andrew McMaster