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Display Advertising Examples – Cuddys Department Stores

During my time with Cuddys Department Stores as the E-Commerce & Social Media Manager, I was tasked with increasing store footfall and online visitors. You will see some display advertising examples below from campaigns I launched. Let’s get to it.

Baby Event

Cuddys Department Stores have a ToyMaster department which includes a baby department. Brands such as Cosato, iCandy, Maxi-Cosi, Silver Cross, Clair De Lune and many more can be found at Cuddys and I really wanted to emphasise this.

From previous years I realised that other retailers ran a baby event in late January or February. These baby events are always popular, so after a brief discussion with the owners, I was given the green light to create the baby event campaign.

The First Design

With all the research complete and target market identified, budget in place, it was time to create the display adverts.

display advertising examples. cuddys department stores.
Baby Event – Display Ads Example

The above design was pitched to the owners to be used on social media and other digital channels including the website. Although they liked it, they wanted to have another option.

The Second Design

display advertising examples. baby event.
Baby Event – Display Ads Example

I really wanted pink within the design but this time I didn’t use it as the primary colour. I felt this design was much stronger and the owners agreed. I now had my design to work from. This display ad was used on Cuddys various social media channels, website, and local social influencers.

Google and Facebook Ads

I had a budget to work with so I also created a Google and Facebook Ad campaign, that targeted the identified ideal customer locally.

display advertising examples. google and facebook advert.
Baby Event – Google and Facebook Ad

The ad above would have been shown to the targeted audience within the local area on both google and facebook. A custom landing page was designed within the website that detailed the brands available, products and their prices during the campaign with many significant savings to be had.

The response was incredible. Physical store footfall increase by over 50% during the campaign. Sales across the baby shop, ToyMaster, cookware, and gifts department all seen a significant spike. Engagement on social media channels increased, website visitors and conversion increased also. The email marketing list also got many new sign-ups.

Baby Event ROI

This was my first digital campaign for Cuddys Department Stores and I am pleased to say it was a huge success.

With a small budget, I was able to create huge interest, increase the email marketing database which I segmented, increase both online and in-store footfall and increase sales across most departments.

The first Baby Event was a success.


My next target was the ToyMaster department. ToyMaster still to this day does not have a strong online presence. As it is a franchise, it is really up to the individual owners on how they wish to present themselves online. This was a huge opportunity that I couldn’t resist.

One-Day Flash Sale

toymaster flash sale. display advertising examples.
ToyMaster Online Flash Sale

To test the waters I decided to run a social media and email marketing campaign. The campaign was a simple one-day flash sale. For one day only you could get 30% off all toys on the website.

The campaign began one week before the one-day flash sale.

The success of this campaign led me to working with LEGO.

Schleich Great Dinosaur Hunt

Jurassic World was released in the UK on 11th June 2015. I was specifically looking for something that I could use to help drive in-store and online sales. As ToyMaster in Cuddys already use Schleich and have many Dinosaur products I reached out to see if they had any activities that took advantage of the Movies release date.

I was informed they had created a childrens activity that was called the Schleich Great Dinosaur Hunt. The kids would come into the store, take their clue card, find hidden letters within the store that then spelt out the name of a Dinosaur. At the end of the hunt, a winner would be chosen and the prize from Schleich was a rather impressive and large Dinosaur.

schleich great dinosaur hunt. Display advertising examples.
Schleich Great Dinosaur Hunt. Display Ads Example.

The above image with other various dimensions was used to advertise the event. This was used on the various social media platforms, google ads and in-store posters.

Leading up to and during the campaign, sales online grew steadily with many customers commenting that they didn’t even realise Cuddys ToyMaster sold such a large range of Schleich products.

The LEGO Imagination Activity Competition

With the success of the Schleich Great Dinosaur Hunt behind me, I set my sights on something even bigger. ToyMaster in Cuddys has a huge range of LEGO. I also wanted to increase not just the online sales but the actual footfall into the ToyMaster department.

I came up with the concept of putting the question: “What could you build with 1000 LEGO bricks?”. I wanted families to visit the store, to let the kids use their imagination, build whatever they wanted with LEGO and win prizes.

I reached out to LEGO to obtain the regional directors name. I pitched my idea and was delighted to hear that she loved the concept and would even provide a few prizes, colouring books and a box of LEGO blindbags.

LEGO imagination activity competition. display advertising examples.
LEGO Imagination Activity Competition – Display Ads Example

LEGO had a list of do’s and don’ts when it came to the design of the digital and in-store campaign. After various iterations, the above design was signed off for use. This design was used in Cuddys various social media channels. Posters of the same design were made and displayed in-store. A recording was made that announced the launch of the campaign weeks in advance that played both in-store and via various local radio stations.

An event page was created for facebook and was tried into the campaign.

LEGO imagination activity competition display advertising exampes.
LEGO Imagination Activity Competition – Facebook Ad

The above design was used specifically for facebook advertising and as the facebook event page cover photo.

LEGO Imagination Activity Competition ROI

Without a shadow of a doubt, this event was the single most successful campaign I ran during my time with Cuddys Department Stores.

Social media channels were alight with competition entries. The footfall in-store increased significantly. Sales throughout increased to include sales of LEGO.

The traffic generated to the ToyMaster website was also substantial. Many customers made use of the new Click and Collect feature that I had also set up.

Final Thoughts

Display advertising should be a fun process. Always know who your target customer is and aim accordingly.

Check how your campaign is performing daily. What works and what doesn’t? What tweaks can you make to increase your metrics?

I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time with Cuddys Department Stores and working with so many fantastic brands that in turn allowed me to create some amazing display ads and digital campaigns.

I hope you get something out of these display advertising examples and if I have helped inspire you or your next campaign I would love to hear about it.

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