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Web Design Northern Ireland Case Study – VapeBunkerUK

Delighted to be working with the folks over at VapeBunkerUK. A web design Northern Ireland case study post!

The Client

Allan Austin over at VapeBunkerUK runs a successful business creating and selling vapour juice online. Vapour juice, also known as e-liquid, vaping juice or e-juice is the liquid used in vapourisers to create vapour.

Vape Bunker UK. Flavour vapour.

Vaping is generally seen as a healthier option to smoking. Some people use vaping to quit smoking altogether. The e-liquid can contain only flavouring or a combination of flavour and nicotine.

At VapeBunkerUK, at the time of writing this, have 48 different flavours to choose from spread across ten categories:

  • Slushy
  • Drops/Millions
  • Deserts
  • Sweets
  • Fruits
  • Cool/Mentols
  • Nasti
  • Drinks
  • Special
  • Other

There are various benefits to choosing Vape Bunker e-liquids over other brands but the main benefits are that they give your coils and cotton longer life and contain no sweeteners.

VapeBunkerUK also have a fantastic facebook group page to help you on your vaping journey.

Allan originally launched VapeBunkerUK to help people quit smoking and live a healthier life. The business has expanded to such a point that an e-commerce solution is required to handle and track customer orders and also create an online home for the brand.

The Challenge

The website had to be designed using Shopify. This was not a problem as I am a Shopify Partner and happen to love the Shopify platform for custom e-commerce solutions.

The VapeBunkerUK brand is already established, so the website had to take two main colours and develop a theme that is pleasant on the eyes. The two colours are black and green.

Vape Bunker UK. Flavour Vapour Northern Ireland.

Points to consider

  • There were certain legal implications to be aware of, namely an age verification pop up that would appear to new visitors.
  • The website needed to go from design to development, testing and live within 12 weeks.
  • Structure and navigation of the website and products must be set up to allow customers to easily navigate their favourite flavours and combinations of nicotine.
  • PayPal payments must be accepted.
  • Designed and laid out to allow for future expansion to include merchandise such as clothing.
  • Multiple discounts/deals must be usable for existing and new customers to take advantage of.
  • Most customers would be purchasing from their mobile devices. The website therefore had to look as good on mobile as it would on a desktop.

The Solution

Responsive Design

VapeBunkerUK website design northern ireland

Shopify is a fantastic e-commerce solution and already designed with responsive capabilities built in. By using the Shopify platform I could design the website around the mobile responsive breakpoints and ensure my design adapted to devices of various screen sizes as pictured above.

Age Verification

Age verification pop up https://vapebunkeruk.com

As VapeBunkerUK are located within the UK, an age verification pop up must appear on a customers first visit. I came up with a simple solution. If you click to confirm you are over 18 years old then the pop up will not appear again. If you however state you are under 18, a message will display to explain why access to the website cannot be granted with a link to the Government website explaining the sale of tobacco products.

Shipping and Offers

Inside each product, just under the description, I designed mobile responsive tabs. Rather than having lots of content disappearing further and further down the page, it made more sense to have tabs.

The tabs currently consist of the shipping info and all the current offers. VapeBunkerUK wanted the offers to be as viable as possible on each product page. I could have opted for pop ups but this was too intrusive and would only detract from the customer making a purchase. The tab option allows the customer to browse the offers at their leisure while at the same time not putting up a barrier to purchase.

Displaying accurate pricing

Shopify will display the price of the cheapest option within a product. As VapeBunkerUK has different sizes including a sample size, Shopify would only display the sample size price. So in the above example the price for each product would display as £1.25. However when you then click on a bigger product size, the price would change to reflect the correct price.

This to me wasn’t good practice. I wanted the customer to know the price range. So with some custom coding, I got Shopify to display the from and to prices which on the above example is From £1.25 To £20.45. This would install more confidence in the brand and the customer wouldn’t feel as though you were trying to deceive them.

The Results

At the time of writing, the website has been live for a little over a week. Allan over at VapeBunkerUK had this to say:

“I have made more sales in the first week of the website being live than any other week in the two years since I launched this business.”

  • Sales have increased 28%
  • Average order value up 92%
  • Conversion rate up 62%

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